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  • The Meeting’s goal is to assist private established and aspiring clients in building a collection or purchasing an individual artwork by identifying artwork of the highest quality; offering a global perspective of the contemporary art market; and establishing a curatorial and historical perspective amongst today’s contemporary artists.


  • The Meeting provides the following services:


  • Assessment: Initially an assessment will be made of the client’s collection as well as identify the collector’s future goals.  New clients will be provided with gallery visits that help establish their focus by period and medium.


  • Expertise:  Clients will receive a unique combination of visionary taste and thorough knowledge of the contemporary art landscape by an advisor, collector and curator who has been immersed in the contemporary art world for twenty years, and who has established relationships with some of finest contemporary art galleries in New York City and Europe.


  • Access:  Through extensive knowledge of the art market, The Meeting will navigate clients’ interests and needs, and introduce them to a focused range of contemporary and emerging artists’ works at galleries and art fairs.


  • Art Acquisition: The Meeting will match clients’ interests, tastes and budgets to works in all media. 

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